Yoga Foundations Workshop with Narayani

November 27th, 2015 –  10AM – 12PM
Paraiso Yoga, SayulitaIMG_1722

This workshop will allow for students to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental postures in yoga. We will look at the basic foundations for a posture to understand why we do a posture and how to build the posture step by step for proper alignment and breath. Students will gain a deeper understanding for the more basic postures of yoga and how they form the basis for more advanced postures. Whether you are a new student looking for a better understanding of the fundamentals or an intermediate or advanced student looking for deeper knowledge, this is the workshop for you!

Individuals – $mx 200
Monthly Pass Holders – $mx 160


May 2016 – Dates Coming Soon!
Paraiso Yoga, Sayulita

Thai massage leads to body and its connected emotions self consciousness The giver´s body interacts with that of the receiver, who wears comfortable clothes, stretching and straightening in a slow and conscious dance like fashion. Our energy channels are unblocked allowing the body to be healed or revitalized inducing a vital relaxation in muscles, tendons, tissue and organs.

Thai Massage
• Improves flexibility and mobility
• Release of tension & tight muscles
• Bringing awareness to the body as a whole
• Relaxes, energizes, harmonizes 

If you have any questions or you want to sign up send us an email or stop by the office Mon-Sat 8 till noon. Hopefully see you soon!

Nara Thai-5

 Individuals – USD $275