Ayurveda आय#व%द – The Science of Life & Self – Healing
PARAISO YOGA April 10th Thursday, 2014 11:45 – 2:15 pm (2.5 hours) 250 MXN pesos/person

AyurvedaAyurveda, a holistic system of medicine native to the Indian subcontinent, has been practiced for over 5.000 years and is the oldest healing system in the world. During this 2.5 hours workshop, you will be able to gain insight on the history of Ayurveda, find out which body type you are and which foods specifically apply to you and furthermore, learn how to apply Yoga asanas therapeutically to your bodily constitution.

Babsi GladzBabsi Glanznig, RYT – 500, originally from Austria, Europe, travels the world, teaching and spreading her love for yoga, Indian philosophy and Ayurveda. She has taught Yoga in studios in the US, Latin American and Europe and furthermore, taught during several teacher training programs, where her main focus was on Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda. From personal experience, she learnt how important Ayurveda is to your personal well-being and practice. When Babsi is not saluting the sun, she works as personal chef, mountain guide and is an avid skier. Find out more on

Coming up in JUNE 2014 at Paraiso Yoga
US$ 275 per person

Thai massage leads to body and its connected emotions self consciousness The giver´s body interacts with that of the receiver, who wears comfortable clothes, stretching and straightening in a slow and conscious dance like fashion. Our energy channels are unblocked allowing the body to be healed or revitalized inducing a vital relaxation in muscles, tendons, tissue and organs.

Thai Massage
• Improves flexibility and mobility
• Release of tension & tight muscles
• Bringing awareness to the body as a whole
• Relaxes, energizes, harmonizes 

If you have any questions or you want to sign up send us an email or stop by the office Mon-Sat 8 till noon. Hopefully see you soon!

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