Taking Yoga Off the Mat – Community Workshop Series

with Alena, RYT 200

Wadi Rum Yoga3 January
What’s My Dharma?: Cultivating Active Purpose

Explore the teachings of the Bhaghavad Gita, one of the ancient Indian yoga texts; use these powerful teachings to engage more fully with life and experience!

 10 January
Connecting to the Koshas: Aligning with Self

Learn how regular yoga practice brings the 5 koshas (layers of being) into alignment, providing a deeper experience of connection!

 17 January
Ashtanga: the Eight Limbs of Yoga

An introduction to the ancient eight limbed path of yoga.

 24 January
Raising Awareness Through Asana Practice

Learn to apply BRFWA & co-listening, techniques for cultivating greater awareness into your asana practice.

31 January
Conscious Communication Through Asana Practice

Layer on another level of speaking from self and practice communicating and receiving awareness around asana practice.

Each hour long session introduces the theory behind physical yoga practice in a fun and active way!

Sundays in January
$mx – 50


MAY 13th – MAY 15th, 2016
Paraiso Yoga, Sayulita

Thai massage leads to body and its connected emotions self consciousness. The giver’s body interacts with that of the receiver, who wears comfortable clothes, stretching and straightening in a slow and conscious dance like fashion. Our energy channels are unblocked allowing the body to be healed or revitalized inducing a vital relaxation in muscles, tendons, tissue and organs.

Thai Massage
• Improves flexibility and mobility
• Release of tension & tight muscles
• Bringing awareness to the body as a whole
• Relaxes, energizes, harmonizes 

If you have any questions or you want to sign up send us an email or stop by the office during our office hours. See you soon!

Nara Thai-5

 Individuals – USD $245