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A non-impact, total body conditioning workout, designed for EVERYONE!... Through a fusion of Suspension Training, Athletic Conditioning, and Flexibility Development, anyone can realize their own fitness and wellness goals, regardless of age or ability.  From professional athletes, to first time exercisers, Ready-Set-Go is designed to produce results, without injury.  Train at your level of intensity, at your pace, and discover a fitness method that can go anywhere, and last a lifetime.  ...Class is 60 minutes, 8 people Max, No shoes, Bring Water!


With over 25 years of experience as a fitness and wellness teacher/coach/trainer, from Chicago, to Sun Valley, to Sayulita and Punta Mita, Josh Labovitz created the Ready-Set-Go! Workout in order to bring a safe and effective system of fitness to the masses.  Using his philosophy of "Train Smarter", Josh emphasizes control, posture, and purpose with every training session.  The days of throwing around weights, mindless repetitions, and following fads are over.  Experience a revolution in fitness and wellness that everyone, from professional athletes to first time exercisers of any age, will benefit from.  Results Without Injury is the foundation of Josh's practice, and with countless success stories over the years, yours' is the next chapter waiting to be written.


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For over 14 years Yoga has been my focus and my passion. Teaching and sharing yoga is the joyous and natural extension of this, my life style. My ongoing vision has been to find and create a space that holds and breathes life into this creation.


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