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Workshop with Oleg Flow
13-14th of March 2014
1300 $mx per person
(Early bird discount – if you pay before February 20th the price is 1100 $mx)

There are limited amount of places, so book your spot before hand to make sure you can participate to this awesome workshop!



March 13, Thursday:

1. Morning (from 8-9.30am.. 1.5 hours). Combination of simple breathing techniques and easy asanas for mood uplifting in the morning.
Practice and theory

2. Afternoon (from 5-8pm … 3 hours). The structure of a vinyasa class. How to build flow sequences that will be safe and therapeutical. The priorities of the hatha yoga practice.
Practice and theory


March 14, Friday:
1) Morning – Intense Vinyasa Flow (from 10-12pm… 2 hours).

2) Afternoon (from 5-7pm… 2 hours). Restorative Flow: sequencing, alignments, correct transitions between poses.
Practice and theory

There are limited amount of places, so book your spot before hand to make sure you can participate to this awesome workshop. Sign up by sending us email or come by the office mon-sat 8 till noon.

Oleg’s professional biography

Oleg Flow teaches and practices yoga more then 20 years. As his yoga career blossomed, he found success conducting private and group classes in Ukraine. In partnership with his mother, he formed the first Tri Yoga Center in Ukraine, and he traveled around the world teaching and lecturing in Spain, Israel, China, Australia, Italy, Great Britain, Turkey, Egypt, Russia and the United States.

He appeared on television in the Ukraine and in China teaching yoga classes on morning programs. In 1993, Oleg began to study under his most important teacher – the woman who would influence him the most. The highly acclaimed, international yoga master, Kali Ray formed a close mentoring relationship with Oleg; whenever visiting the combined nations of the Soviet Union, she used Oleg as her class demonstrator because of his exceptional strength, flexibility and graceful form.

Oleg offers group and individual classes in Malibu and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. He teaches different levels of yoga from restorative to advanced classes, emphasizing breathing, gentle flowing movements, working to restore connective tissue, stimulate deep muscle growth and enhance strength and endurance. His use of dynamic and static flow-yoga combined with controlled, correct breathing, all lead to increased strength, flexibility and profound focus. He frequently travels, appearing as a Guest Teacher at conferences, workshops and yoga retreats where he demonstrates to other professional yoga teachers the remarkable benefits of proper breathing in combination with a regular yoga practice.

“The way you exercise sculpts your body on a daily basis, building not only physical but also emotional and mental qualities, and will improve your future appearance and personality. That is why the priorities or strategy of your yoga practice are very important. If your purpose goes beyond a mere physical work-out, if your purpose is to control your mind and your feelings as well as to build the deep muscles of your body, then you must choose your classes carefully.” Oleg Flow

“New Moon Groove Flow”
Friday 28th FEB
5:30 to 7:30pm

Come and move your body with a beat. Enjoy a fun and not so serious power flow class with Marjie Martini. Celebrate the 3rd New Moon of 2014, this class will be all about connecting your body and mind. DJ Vas will be selecting some insane tracks ranging from hip hop/R&B, Bollywood and whatever inspires the flow and Salmaan is playing Live tablet Indian percussion music.

Bring your smile, your laughter, your water and prepare to sweat. Try new stuff, expand your mind and let your body get jiggy with it.

This class has a special price of $175. Space is liimted, so don’t miss out and reserve your mat with a $100 deposit by contacting Paraiso Yoga or Facebook Marjie Martini.

Feb 20, 2014
350 pesos/per person

Have you ever thought to yourself, if only I knew what my purpose was,  I’m sure I could accomplish it? In this transformative workshop, you will receive the tools you need to gain clarity and focus around your deep inner desires so that you can create a heart-felt, intuitive life intention. Desha will share the secret of how she manifested her own dreams through powerful visualization techniques that really work.

Reserve your spot in advance by emailing or

About Your Teacher
With a background in career development and a strong intuitive sense, Desha Peacock has held the titles of “master manifester” “empath” and “personal guru”. She’s manifested the home of her dreams, financial abundance, international travel opportunities, and much more through her tried and true process. Any creative person, whether an artist, performer, writer, designer or stylist will love how she incorporates visual inspiration and style in all she does. Want to know more? Here’s the full bio.

5:30 pm
$mx 150
Bring a towel, and get ready to sweat, laugh and workout!

The YOGANATOR aka Justin, A FUN-CORE Love Warrior from Tokyo and the Duncan Wong clan, has studied Yogic Arts under his master’s watchful eye for over 5 years now. Justin believes in moving with intuition rather than tradition. He comes from a diverse background of sports, fitness, and dance. He trains under the law that everyBODY is different and requires different styles of movement to get the most out of their exercise routine.  His class is an exciting mix of YOGA, DANCE, FITNESS, Duncan Wong’s Yogic Arts, MARTIAL ARTS, and TABATA and STRENGTH TRAINING. We will start with a Yogic Arts Warrior Flow to get us warmed-up, then we mix in a little fitness with “YOGA GYM/INTERVAL TRAINING”, body weight movement to power up the body!

yonator 2
The MUSIC is GREAT and the ENERGY is SHANTASTIC! The class is built by the music he plays, not the breathes that we take.

If you love to move organically, the Yoganator’s class is the one for you! 

If you have any questions or you want to sign up send us an email or stop by the office Mon-Sat 8 till noon. Hopefully see you soon!