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15 sept - 17 sept

Shamanic and yoga retreat: Techniques for practicing healers in JORDAN

A weekend seminar with Latin American healer and yoga teacher Narayani focusing on the acquisition and practice of earth-based healing techniques native to the Western Hemisphere


22 sept - 24 sept

ELEMENTS OF THE EARTH, Yoga retreat in Jordan

A weekend retreat with renowned Latin American yoga teacher Narayani focusing on the practice of yoga in the context of the earth element.


 Monday - Saturday - 8 am to 7:30 pm / Sunday - 9 am to 1 pm

25 sept - 01 oct

The “What – How – Why” from Spiritual work to asana practice. Luxor, EGYPT

This workshop will allow for students to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental postures in yoga as well as energy work.


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For over 14 years Yoga has been my focus and my passion. Teaching and sharing yoga is the joyous and natural extension of this, my life style. My ongoing vision has been to find and create a space that holds and breathes life into this creation.


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